Sunday, August 22, 2010

Questionnaire for The Wolfman

  1. Is everyone aware that Lawrence (Benicio Del Toro) is a terrible actor, or is this something only we are privy to?
  2. Describe, in essay form, the prior adventures of Sir John Talbot and his Sikh manservant.
  3. How does a film about about werewolves contain Anthony Hopkins' most understated performance?
  4. What milky substance is Del Toro drinking in the scene where the doctor visits him?
  5. Are there no real bears or deer left in the world? Is reusing an animation from The Golden Compass in fact cheaper than renting a real bear?
  6. Is Hugo Weaving playing Nick Cave?
  7. What is the shape and size of the Talbot estate?
  8. Which did the screenwriters come up with first: Hopkins' large collection of halberds, or Weaving fighting a werewolf with a halberd?
  9. Which is Joe Johnston trying to imitate more: late '30s / early '40s American studio style, or Hammer?

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