Friday, August 13, 2010

  1. Mason "The Line" Dixon (Rocky Balboa)
  2. Tommy 'Machine' Gunn (Rocky V)
  3. Kid Salami (Paradise Alley)
  4. Hale Ceasar (The Expendables)
  5. Apollo Creed (Rocky)
  6. Clubber Lang (Rocky III)
  7. Union Cane (Rocky V)
  8. Merlin Sheets (Rocky V)
  9. Lincoln Hawk (Over the Top)
  10. Toll Road (The Expendables)
  11. Memo Moreno (Driven)
  12. John Grizzly (Over the Top)
  13. Marion 'Cobra' Cobretti (Cobra)
  14. Beau Brandenburg (Driven)
  15. Father Robert 'Lefty' Lefrack (Father Lefty)
  16. Lee Christmas (The Expendables)
  17. Cosmo Carboni (Paradise Alley)
  18. Mad Dog Madison (Over the Top)
  19. Sophia Simone (Driven)
[19 favorite Sylvester Stallone character names]


Kurt Walker said...


Ignatiy Vishnevetsky said...

Incidentally, Sylvester Stallone and Thomas Pynchon appear to have the same sense of humor.

Derek said...

No Machine Gun Joe Viterbo?

Ignatiy Vishnevetsky said...

A favorite, but these are all names from screenplays Stallone has written -- though he must've liked having that name for himself (also: Sylvester "Sly" Stallone totally sounds like a name Stallone would write).

Guillermo Krain said...

Re: Lee Christmas

Stallone has always been a closet intellectual, dude.


Ignatiy Vishnevetsky said...

Closet intellectual? The man's an artist!

Thanks on the Lee Christmas tip. Maybe that moves him up the list. Barnes Ross (Stallone's character's name in the movie) was a boxing champion (duh) who was also a heavily decorated World War II veteran and later developed (and beat) a bad heroin habit.