Friday, April 24, 2009

What is What is the 21st Century?

I had some ideas, some vague notions. I played around with sounds and with pictures, and I took a lot of notes, but I wasn't ready to put them together. So I thought, "I better make something of this. I better start doing something." And What is the 21st Century? is that something. It's a column I'll be doing, weekly. The first one is up, and it's hopeful--the sort of hope only Jason Statham can bring.

What's it about? I'm not sure. The idea is that I'll try to answer the titular question a little bit every week. I know that a complete answer is impossible, which is something very hopeful. There's no hope in concrete goals--or, really, it might just be that concrete goals are too daunting. Just doing is easy; trying to accomplish has a note of despair. It might not even stay a column. It might become something else, moving away from words and still images.

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